Airtel Withdraws Unlimited GPRS Internet

airtelI remember around four years back, Airtel Tamilnadu was offering free unlimited gprs with the service name  ”Net On Phone” (NOP). It was said that airtel allowed free GPRS only to make awareness of GPRS among the subscribers and try it. The idea was to get more customers for GPRS service and monetize it after sometime. Later when the GPRS usage grown as expected, they stopped the free ”Net On Phone” GPRS connection and started selling the ”Airtel Mobile Office” service.

Although Airtel started charging for mobile internet, still it did not lose the GPRS customers. Rather kept growing.  This was because Airtel allowed unlimited bandwidth plan for all the packages they offered. It was quite popular among the customers because other competitors like Vodofone (Formerly Hutch) was charging their customers with  pay per internet usage and with additional monthly rent for the service. Airtel was standing alone to offer unlimited internet for cheap prices with out any fixed rent.

The Airtel GPRS package in the Tamilnadu circle was(Yes it ”was”) as follows,

  • Daily Pack – Rs 20/Day/Unlimited
  • Weekly Pack – Rs 75/Week/Unlimited
  • Monthly Pack – Rs 375/Month/Unlimited

Today I received a SMS from Airtel that it withdraws the unlimited GPRS packs. Below is that SMS.

Pl note, Unlimited GPRS packs will be withdrawn effective 06-April. Enjoy GPRS service with the pay as you use facility only @30p/50KB browsing charges. Call 17134.

So there is no more unlimited GPRS internet stuff where slowly & slowly the word ”Unlimited” will vanish from Indian mobbrowsing-on-airtel-gprsile and internet industry very soon. Already airtel started to cap their unlimited broadband usage under fair usage policy where customers internet speed will be reduced drastically after reaching certain bandwidth for the month.

So now what should we do due to this unlimited GPRS withdrawal by Airtel?

  1. Since Airtel GPRS pack comes with zero rental, it may be activated by default on the all sim which  already using GPRS. You should deactivate GPRS to avoid the data usage charges. OR
  2. There are few mobile applications like Email, Google latitude, messengers which will automatically attempt tomake GPRS connection when ever required. So you may need to change the settings on the apps or be ready to pay the additional data usage charges.

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  1. These people always withdraw services suddenly. First they cancelled free-sms and now unlimited gprs all of a sudden . Airtel has lost my respect.

  2. 30p/min works around 6000/ Gb … costlier than broadband .. wtf ?????????

  3. I’m gonna change to some other network. Airtel r excellent money minded and zero customer servicers.Call tariffs r confusing as lots of plans,boosters etc., One good news for the srilankan people. . They would be offered free gprs,free sms,free calls in the same way we were and are fooled.. Swvinod gmail

  4. BSNL post paid custormers in tamil Nadu can enjoy unlimited free internet at just 199/month. If you want, try it. Caution though; in cities where there are lot of customers, the speed can be as low as 1.5kBps(12kbps),
    In coimbatore(Peelamedu area) I am getting speeds of 10KBps(80kbps). Much, much better than airtel here. In Nagercoil, it operates at 1.5KBps and sometimes 10KBps(80kbps)

    Want information, then mail to

  5. Rs.25/day unlimited is the best in airtel……previously it was Rs.15/day unlimited

  6. almost 1rs per 150kb almost 10rs per 1mb alomst 10000rs per gb. what the fuck is this. airtel down down!! middle finger to airtel loser. airtel will soon lose customer in large number. we should move on to other network like mts, relaince

  7. […] […]

  8. Airtel definitely lost their edge over other competitors by doing this. BTW can anyone plz suggest an operator providing an economical(Budget Rs 300 PM)plan with unlimited gprs.

  9. Airtel Sucks…………

  10. நான் நான்கு வருடங்களாக ஏர்டெல்
    “ஜி பி ஆர் எஸ்” உபயோகிக்கிறேன்
    நான் என் நண்பர்களிடமும் விபரம் கேட்ப்பவர்கலிடமும் ஏர்டெல்
    இண்டியாஸ் நம்பெர் ஒன் நெட்வொர்க் என்று கூரினேன்
    இன்று எல்லோரும் உடைத்து போட்டுவிட்டோம் ஏர்டெல் சிம் கார்டை.

  11. Airtel sucks… in Goa i used to get unlimited GPRS for RS. 5 and speeds of 25 KBps .Then it became rs15 then rs20…now its gone… speed are 2KBps and sometimes in bytes

  12. Airtel most respected indian network now b’cumin worst day by day by withdrawing their services ppl plz evry1 mail to the nodal officer and to the officials of the Airtel to bring back the daily unlimited GPRS facility.being the customers we can send mails to them requesting them to bring back the service. the name ,mail id , address and phone nos of the all area nodal officers.kindly start mailing now

    Ravi Nagpal
    + 91 9818334865
    + 91 9810498104
    D-184, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase – I, New Delhi – 110 020.

    Amitabh Kumar
    + 91 9878434865
    + 91 9815298152
    C-25, Industrial Area, Phase 2, SAS Nagar, Mohali – 160 055, Punjab

    UP(West) & Uttarakhand
    Manjit Kaushal
    +91 9897534865
    Bharti Airtel Limited
    C-31, Divider Road, Ganga Nagar
    Mawana Road
    Meerut – 250004

    UP East
    Manjit Kaushal
    + 91 9935334865
    +0522 4015828
    Jahangirabad Palace, 12, Rani Laxmi Bai Marg, Near Tulsi Traders, Hazratganj, Lucknow – 226001

    Pankaj Sharma
    + 91 9996034865
    +91 9896298962
    Bharti Airtel Limited, 85, Durand Road, Ambala Cantt.,133001, Haryana

    Himachal Pradesh
    Ruhi Dehloo
    + 91 9805034865
    +0177 2620312
    , Block No. 11 A, SDA Complex, Kasumpti, Shimla 171 009, Himachal Pradesh

    Jammu & Kashmir
    Sandeep Rai
    + 91 9797334865
    0194 2500402
    Bharti Airtel Limited, Ansari Complex, Sonwar, Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir 190 001

    Saurabh Singh
    +91 9987234865
    +022 40031404
    Bharti Airtel Limited,7th Floor,Interface Bldg No -7, Mindspace, Link Road, Malad (W),Mumbai – 400064, Maharashtra

    Maharashtra & Goa
    Saurabh Singh
    +91 9987234865
    +022 40031404
    Vega Centre, A-Building, Shankarseth Road, Next to Income Tax Office, Swargate, Pune – 411 037

    Namisha Zaveri
    +91 9724534865
    +079 40090330
    Bharti Airtel Limited, Zodiac Square, 2nd Floor, SG Road, Opp gurudwara, Ahmedabad 380 054

    MP & Chattisgarh
    Pallavi Songraha
    +91 9893134865
    +0731 4031101
    Bharti Airtel Limited, 3rd Floor, Metro Towers, AB Road, Near Vijay Nagar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

    Deepak Negi
    +91 9928034865
    +0141 4044204
    K-21, Sunny House, Malviya Marg, C-Scheme, Jaipur, Rajasthan

    Mamta Prabhu
    +91 9972534865
    +91 9945500121
    55, Divyasree Towers, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore 560 029 Karnataka

    Andhra Pradesh
    Bibek Mohanty
    + 91 9959334865
    + 91 9849011848
    Bharti Airtel Limited, Splendid Towers, Opp.Begumpet Police Station, Begumpet, Hyderabad – 500 016, Andhra Pradesh

    Sinthiya Mary
    + 91 9952434865
    + 91 9840198600
    Oceanic Towers, 8th Floor, 101 Santhome High Road, Chennai 600 028, Tamil Nadu

    Jyotsna Vishud
    + 91 9995834865
    + 91 9895022335
    N H Bypass, Kundanoor Jn,Maradu P O Kochi 682034. Kerala

    Raja Sekhar
    +91 9831234865
    +033 40060078
    G.P.Tronics Building, Y 17, Block EP, Sector 5, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700 091, West Bengal

    Bihar & Jharkhand
    Rizwan Ansari
    +91 9934334865
    +061 22273646
    Bharti Airtel Limited,Anand Vihar, 7th Floor, Guinea Motors, West Boring Canal Rd., Patna – 800001

    Preetam Ghosh
    +91 9957134865
    +0361 2341370
    Mega Plaza, 4th Floor, G.S.Road, Christian Basti, Guwahati 781005

    North East
    Jacqueline Thanghkiew
    +91 9957134865
    +0361 2341370
    Bharti Airtel Limited, Mega Plaza, 4th Floor, G.S.Road, Christian Basti, Guwahati 781005

    Brahamjyoti Pradhan
    + 91 9937449253
    +0674 2532801
    Epari Plaza, C/653,Janapath, Kharavela Nagar,Bhubaneswar-751001,Orissa

    West Bengal
    Raja Sekhar
    +91 9831234865
    +033 40060078
    G.P.Tronics Building, Y 17, Block EP, Sector 5, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700 091, West Bengal

    Tamil Nadu
    Sinthiya Mary
    + 91 9952434865
    + 91 9840198600
    Oceanic Towers, 8th Floor, 101 Santhome High Road, Chennai 600 028, Tamil Nadu

  13. Dear friends,
    Its not a bad deal. I use it from over last 4 months having stopped the Rs. 99 NOP. I use Mob apps like Gmail, Operamini, Snaptu etc. I even blog on mobile.. its hardly any cost.. At 30p/50 kb.. its only about Rs. 6 for an MB.. that is a lot of download.. unless u r really surfing the net on the phone for Pics and Videos.

  14. I thought that Airtel is the best service. But after April 6th it is very worst. I bought a new GPRS mobile for using unlimited gprs. But all the unlimited GPRS services are withdrawn (Airtel & Vodafone) I am totally disappointed. Pls inform is there any other service provider gives unlimited gprs connection.

  15. Idea is providing unlimited internet plan cost 20 rs daily in delhi

  16. dear friends,

    all of you know about ,airtel stops the unlimited mobile office packs .but the airtel live is still working. so enjoy the browsing experience (not for download) . any one want free browsing tricks contact me +919629685776

  17. well airtel really sucks yaar. I am BSNL user in punjab last 7 months. And for using unlimited internet you have to pay only 190 a month and we can get speed more than 300 KBps means 3Mbps. Its really great now days m enjoying 300+ speed over 3.5g and 25KBps if over edge. BSNL best hai mere liye.

  18. airtel r cheating us,they changing gprs plan without announcing by unknowgly i activated airtel 1 day gprs i thought its unlimited, but airtel idiots cheated my 150 rs by charge every data usage..

  19. I am searching for another operator offering unlimited gprs plan. I’ll be dropping my Airtel soon… Airtel has lost my respect too!

  20. I am using airtel for the past 4 years, nowadays their approach is very worst. They are changing the plans frequently and cutting down most of the benefits to its our time to look for some other better network.

  21. airtel very worst network… no customer satisfaction… only give lot of problems to customers and increase their BP… very very very very very very poor poor pooor poor service………

  22. airtel cheating us….

  23. if i have power i totally destroy airtel network….!!! stupids…

  24. find is there any option to cheat airtel. broke all the airtel sim card and inform your friends, not to purchase airtel.

  25. better go for bsnl. as airtel are cheating.

  26. Sathishkumar on May 8th, 2009 at 3:52 pm

    Dear all,

    Aircel announced unlimited GPRS plan cost Rs. 17 for one day.


  27. bsnl is providing unlimited internet plan cost 230rs monthly…

  28. Aree yaar,Airtel Company,Start kar Monthly rentail Bihar And jharkhand mai,plzzzzz,Mujhe orkut karna hai,24 hrs,plzzzzzzzz


  29. I have unlimited GPRS/Edge connection on my airtel kerala postpaid. PC browsing is just very good, I get speeds like 24kBps sometimes, the best thing is I pay only 250 Rs. per month for that.

  30. abe yaar koi delhi mein achhi si speed ka gprs plan activate karo it should be Rs10/day

  31. rajasthan main abhi unlimited gprs available hai. rs.395 main free unlimited surfing mil rahi hai.

  32. these airtel people are haramis and hutiyas… go for another mobile operator. bsnl is good than airtel harazadas.

  33. Stop confusing others by writing these kind of post!!!!!!!!!!1
    At first you should mention that Airtel stops the Unlimited GPRS plans in some regions(southern regions,as you mentioned)
    Secondly,Airtel unlimited services are still available in other part of our country……….and it is simply the best among the mobile internet service providers..
    I’m from West Bengal and can use Airtel at a speed of real time 160kb/s and an average download speed of 15kb/s with my Nokia 3110c.
    Here all the services of Airtel are available…
    NOP Rs 105/month or Rs 5/day
    MO Rs 498/month or Rs 35/day or options as per the Volume based services(*567#)
    Services of BSNL/Aircel/Vodafone/Indicom/Smart(Reliance)/RIM
    are either cheap and worthless or very much complicated..

    Simply saying AIRTEL is the best

  34. hello Mr. Supriyo. I think you are not only stupid you are a nonsense idiot. In west bengal also it has been stopped unlimited gprs. And soon you will see this. You mad do not misguide other. Airtel never ever given gprs speed more than 100Kbps since 2006 in west bengal. Airtel is a ****** network. They always changes its policy without letting the customer know it. Airtel has stopped unlimited gprs in west bengal too and has applied fair user policy in gprs also which mean after cetain data you will be charged 30p/20kb even you have activated 498 unlimited gprs. I am the first victim of this policy and think you will be soon upgraded to this.
    Happy surfing the supriyo mad.

  35. hi! actually Airtel cont. their unlimited gprs service in some states. i’m from gujarat & i have subscribe unlimited plan for 1 month ,and i am getting the speed about 15-45 kbps on avg. 25or 27 kbps. it just rocks in gujarat. well u have to recharge with Rs401/-
    & u will get 10Rs balance & 1 month validity of unlimited gprs(Mobile Office)i’ve downloaded around 5.3GB & still cont. well my configuration is win xp sp2, Nokia 6270 (BB5 phone) & Airtel Prepaidsim.

  36. lets kick the airtel on September 28th, 2009 at 6:47 am

    I have lost Rs.498 because airtel has set 1.5gb limitation without informing their customers

  37. I am broken my Airtel Sim. Better way for internet is BSNL Broadband.
    Some point for comparing Airtel & BSNL.

    (1.) Airtel charged Rs. 20/day with 8mb limit it’s mean Rs.600/month for 240mb. But BSNL Broadband offers Rs. 250/month with 1024mb (1GB) limit.

    (2.) Airtel charged 75 Rs./mb if you crossed free usage limit But BSNL charged only 0.40 Rs./mb.

    (3.) Airtel’s maximum net speed is only 5-15 kbps But BSNL provide 512 kbps to 2mbps.

    Some other BSNL Features:-

    Now BSNL landline connection is free

    BSNL gives free Insurance worth Rs. 5000 to Landline customers

    BSNL provide Linux based NovaNet PC in just 2300 Rs. for Urban & 3000 Rs. For Rural Broadband Users, to know more visit

    NovaNet users also get 20% discount on all broadband plans.

    Special plans for Rural Customers
    400mb @ 99/month
    1GB @ 150/month
    4gb @ 250/month
    with free Landline connection, Free Modem & Free Installation.

    So Compare & Enjoy…

    send ur comments to


  38. hmmm…so no airtel gprs for everyone …. anyways….actually for last 4 months i had hacked my airtel sim…and was using the unlimited download service for free…not also Rs. 250 n all…all for free….but suddenly 4 days ago my hack was no more….i was very upset…i tried a lot 2 connect….bt der was no more hack for me…in this hack period my serfing and downloading from airtel sim was 34.7GB recieved + sent data……from then i worked very hard…n now i have a trick…and it works for all airtel sim…after my hack till today i downloaded arround 1.9GB in just these 4 days…i use it on two computers…and download from both comp…i still have this trick (found by myself)…hee hee and dont ask 4 it..coz i will nt tell 2 anyone…[afterall the main perpose behind this is…not 2 public this trick..or else airtel will try 2 fix this one also…]…sorry guys…just wanted 2 tell u all coz there is one that still use the free unlimited airtel gprs..hee hee…(i dont kno if there r more people in india that use…)…………………hay now also i am sending this message from my airtel sim card….

  39. kerala airtel gprs raites(rupes) ethra

  40. What a **** these airtel guys. I was thinkin to use it but knowing abt its gprs plans nower days i had changed my mind nd now i m goin to use bsnl.

  41. I hate airtel on March 27th, 2010 at 7:14 pm

    This is shit

  42. Well airtel got a kick from its customer, so, the revised their policy. Now they are providing 2GB at 98INR recharge. But all I want to tell you that the speed is horrible. Its just too bad for any desktop or laptop. You can use it only in your mobile. So, at last airtel got a way to avoid its free unlimited using, but it has cost them to loose a millions of user, Now I never charege my airtel, if needed I get an 98inr easy charge for mobile net(mobile office). 2GB is enough at this speed. Say good bye to airtel, and welcome BSNL cdma service at 200/mo unlimited plan.

  43. Well guys, its really dissapointing to know that operator r using free gprs trick to promote their gprs packs well in bihar they ist launched 500mb pak for 250 validity one month then the 98 pak night betwen 12pm to 8am with 2 gb limitation and now if they 98 plan with 2gb one mnth pak i dont think u should stay with the network insted go for bsnl

  44. Airtel Sucks. Airtel is waste and they cheat public. Practically I see many of them are throwing the Airtel Sim in dustbin. Even me.

  45. i think Companies like Airtel think that Indian users are fools. as they dont know the difference between unlimited and 2gb limited. they say unlimited free GPrs upto 2 gb. after 98 rs recharge in post paid. first thing it is not unlimited it has a cap of 2 gb. second it is not free. they are charging 98 rs for that. third thing that they dont tell is u cant check usage in this plan on post paid. i asked customer care executive abt it and he said we are sorry . there is no such thing…so guys think about it….are we people are so dumb…??????????????

  46. Drift_King_9179123222 on November 5th, 2010 at 10:37 pm

    Hey guys if u want to use free airtel service then go to website and search for “free gprs section”,
    By the way airtel provide 10rs/- per day unlimited plan in chhattisgarh and Madhya pradesh.
    But i m using it totally free in mobile as well as in pc also since 2006. It still works. contact me on frendz4m for more detail. I m Devendra.

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