WhatsApp to Launch FREE Calling Feature with next update – PROOF

WhatsApp Free Call VOIP

There have been news around for sometime that the popular cross-platform mobile messaging app “WhatsApp” will be loaded with the calling feature. i.e. Whatsapp users can speak to each other for FREE through VOIP Calls. (No more audio messages).  It’s been months since we heard about it, but no words yet from the whatsapp team. But today I got an evidence regarding that and most probably whats app will excite the users with the most awaited feature in the next update.

Being an whats app contributor, I use to translate whats app application strings to Tamil language. And what I received today from them via email is something special. The strings that needs to be translated were all about “calling feature”, which means whatsapp application is being added with calling option currently and my guess is that the next version will feature it for sure. Though there is no official news from whats app this can be considered as as the first official word from them regarding this.

So the year 2015 will be a tough competition to skype, hike, line, viber, wechat etc… Lets wait for the day.

Here are some whatsapp application strings of the upcoming version and the screenshot of the email.

You cannot make a WhatsApp call if you are already talking to somebody on the phone.



Remove from call log

Can’t record voice messages during a WhatsApp call.

Can’t record audio during a WhatsApp call.

Can’t record video during a WhatsApp call.

Can’t place a new call while you’re already in a call.


Whats App Free Calls Feature

Protect Your Computer from Intruder & Easy Way to Identify Who is Your Intruder???

If you are in coffee break, your colleague has been used your computer or if you have a feeling that someone else is trying to use your computer????
How do you get notified when such an attempt is made to intrude into your computer???? No Worry!!!! Now, its easy to protect your computer..

A website called MouseLock.co will solve this issue. But, How????
They will send you an instant email alert with a image of the intruder when someone tries to use your computer.

How MouseLock works????
Simple thing is MouseLock is a web apps so, it does not requires any installation. Click the link MouseLock.co and login with your Google Account and select allow button to add your account. Then, select a secret pin on the screen and put your mouse cursor in a designated area on the site and leave from your computer.

If someone moves your mouse, they will also have to enter the pin. If they fail to do that in the first few seconds, Mouse Lock will send you an email and, if the computer has a webcam, it will take a picture of the intruder.

Mouse Lock won’t prevent the intrusion but will at least notify you the minute it happens. Now its supported in Chrome and Firefox and the bad thing is the alerts, possibly due to a bug, are triggered even when any of the keys are pressed and that makes it a little less useful since there’s no way to lock the computer after setting up the monitor.

Make Free International Calls to Mobile/LL Using Skype

The Skype Team announced, to make free international calls to mobile phones and landlines due to holiday seasons.. Yes, Its Skype’s Christmas and Holiday Gift to Users. You can talk to your far-away friends and relatives without having to worry about the phone bills.Skype to Skype calls are always been free but now you can use Skye to make free unlimited voice calls and video calls(upto 10 friends at the same time) to Mobile Phones and Landlines for 30 days.

To get this offer, click this link Its our gift to you to sign-in to your Skype account and enter your Credit card or Paypal details(No worry, you won’t be charged at all)to complete the sign-up process. Once your Skype Premium Service is activated then you just cancel your recurring subscription immediately While the premium service will continue to work for the entire 30 day period.

You can make free calls to mobile and landline for Canada,Guam,Hong KongS.A.R,Puerto Rico,Singapore,Thailand and USA. The Countries where you can call landline numbers for free include Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, SouthKorea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, Swizz, Taiwan, UK and upto 40 countries.

Send a Free Online Fax to the World!!!

Do you want to send fax immidiately???? or Feeling,The cost of sending an international fax much higher???? This guide will help you to send free online fax to anywhere in the world…

HelloFax,the online fax company, has recently partnered with Microsoft and now lets you to send upto 50 pages per month to any fax machine in the world for free of cost.If you have Microsoft account(Hotmail or Windows Live ID),go to hellofax.com/skydrive and click “sign up with Microsoft” link.Enter your MS username and password. Once your signed in,just upload your document and put in a fax number with country code.You may use your document in the format of Word,PDFs,Text files,Images and some other popular formats. Once your fax has been successfully delivered,the copy of the same document will be automatically saved in your SkyDrive.

If you dont have a Microsoft Account, go to hellofax.com/googledrive and use your google account to sign up for HelloFax.You can also use in documents directly from your SkyDrive,Box,Dropbox,Evernote and Googledrive accounts for faxing. Remember,its free only to send fax but if you want to receive faxes,you will have an incoming fax number cost around $7.99/month.

Tips to improve your WP blog’s pageviews!!!

Day by day your blog’s pageviews getting down?? Bounce rate percentage is increasing?? you feel,visitors want to stay long in your website?? if your answer is, put fullstop to your worry. here im sharing some tips to increase your website pageviews and I hope this should be very helpful to you…

just follow these 5 steps to improve your blog pageviews.

1.Always link the old Related posts with the new post.so, visitors will read the relevant topic to get more about the topic. This will help to reduce the bounce rate.

2.Apart from technology,the blog design is important for visitors.you think, if your design is not good that means it dosnt create attraction, visitors will not go for more pages.If your blog design is good, this will also help you to increase your pageviews.

3.No one will visit your blog,If it taking too much time to load.so, install cache plugin and compress images before uploading.Use google’s page speed insights to ur site’s loading time and to make it fast automatically page views will increase..

4.show your popular post in sidebar because popular post always have the best content of your blog. so, if you keep it in your sidebar then visitor will stay long in ur blog.

5.Wordpress offers so many plugins to develop blogs. we have to use that type of plugins to improve pageviews of blog.For instance,show related post with thumbnail for stay long, cache pluging to reduce loading time,social networking plugings and more…(visit wp site for more plugin details)

Hope, these information is more helpful to increse ur blogs pageviews..